Energy Management Products – If it falls under the energy management umbrella, we do it, and the chances are we either have the components in stock or can get hold of it rapidly.

We’ll turn a panel or pedestal build around pretty swiftly too!

We are your one-call solutions provider, and our job is to integrate market-leading components that will do exactly what you want the first time and within budget.

Our value comes from supplying fit-and-forget products and systems at competitive prices with little or zero maintenance, as well as allowing our clients to get everything they need, when it comes to energy management, from one place.

At PJW, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of the market.

We firmly believe that those who genuinely appreciate our business should recognise that asking a few more questions to the right people is the difference between a client getting basic products they’ll have to upgrade down the line or precisely the solution they truly desired straight off the bat.

Our products include:

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