Smart Meters

PJW cover all systems for your remote monitoring and data collection requirements:

  • Wired Systems
  • Wireless Systems
  • GSM/GPRS/Sim Card Meter Systems
  • Ethernet/RJ45/CAT5/CAT6
  • Wi-Fi
  • Wired + Wireless M-Bus
  • Modbus/RS485
  • LoRaWAN
  • TCP/IP

We offer an end-to-end survey to installation service, giving our clients complete peace of mind that we’ve covered everything.

Benefits of AMR (Automated Meter Reading) & remote monitoring:

  • Convenience
  • Save time and costs associated with manual meter readings
  • Avoid human errors with highly accurate data straight to your phone or PC
  • Manage multiple sites nationally or internationally from one place
  • Clear and concise data tailored to clients’ needs
  • See peak demand and trends
  • Make informed decisions
  • Fast return on investment
  • Meet Net Zero Carbon Targets
  • Commercial Incentives for better energy management
  • Check the efficiency of machinery and equipment
  • Highlight areas of highest energy use

We can also integrate a billing system to remove the hassle of recovering your tenants’ energy costs.

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