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Since the humble beginnings of Peter Wales Electrical Engineers and Television Repair Service in 1952, PJW has evolved over the years, branching out into many developing markets, and still maintaining our core family values of hard work, integrity, and a “yes we can” attitude.

We are now offering a full end-to-end service for all of your Utility Metering and Energy Management requirements.

To provide clients with 5-star customer service, genuine care for their needs, ensuring they get EXACTLY what they are after, and total peace of mind that their projects are in safe hands.

Being more than one step ahead at all times allows PJW to truly understand the market and what’s available to our clients, providing them with true value. Our wealth of strategic partners allows us to integrate all of the right elements to be able to say yes every time.

“It’s not always about what’s on the shelf, it’s about what the client actually wants to achieve, and then we’ll make that happen.”

Vinny Chalk – Director of Operations

Our Principles:

  1. Integrity: We always deliver on our promises, setting us apart from the competition.
  2. Morals: We prioritize doing what’s right alongside financial success, upholding strong values.
  3. Efficiency: Our small but dynamic team ensures accountability, providing clients with swift answers within strict industry timescales.
  4. Care: PJW, a passionate family business, goes the extra mile to swiftly and effectively solve client problems, offering genuine care in the modern world.
  5. Diversity: Immersed in the energy sector, our extensive product range naturally complements each other, driving innovation and making us market leaders.
  6. Teamwork: “Makes the dream work” – fostering strong internal and external relationships is crucial to PJW’s enduring success.

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