Dear Valued Customer,

PJW is a completely different animal to what our current site shows, so we are undergoing a major overhaul.

Having made several new partnerships, covering the whole energy spectrum- Electricity, Gas, Water, Heat and EV Charging Infrastructure, strengthening and growing the OEM side of our business, as well as adding Energy Management Solutions, Critical Power Solutions, Energy Brokerage, and even Installation Services to our repertoire, it makes sense to direct our clients to our online brochure “What are you doing about metering?” which can be found here:  https://indd.adobe.com/view/b4bcb49c-3ab7-4e0c-b537-c285befd6d36

This gives you a far more rounded insight into the direction we are taking the company, the questions you should be asking, the type of clientele we deal with, and the market sectors we specialise in.

Rather than heading to our site and getting frustrated that the new products we’ve just quoted you for aren’t available online, along with the relevant information to pass on to your clients, we have taken the decision to close our site temporarily.

In the meantime, should you require any information regarding your next project, or to arrange a site visit or consultation, call 01626 368595, or email sales@pjwmeters.com

For our remote monitoring services:


Meter Online

Keep visiting for updates, and we will let all of our wholesale customers know by email once the new site is launched.
We appreciate your understanding.

Kind regards, The PJW Team

Whilst our new website is being constructed, check out our Google Business Profile to see our full list of products and services: