Current Transformers (CTs)

PJW have access to a comprehensive range of Current Transformers, ranging from 1-12000A:

  • Solid (CTs with a solid core)
CT-5 Solid Core Current Transformer
  • Split (CTs that can simply be clipped around a cable, saving the need to disconnect, or interfere with existing cables).
CTSS-36 Split Core CT from PJW
  • Summation (CTs which allow for the monitoring of up to 27 single phase, or 9 three-phase circuits from a single device)
Summation CT from PJW
  • Rope CT/ Rogowski Coil (Flexible CTs for challenging installation scenarios)
RCTSS Rope CTs from PJW
  • Wireless (Panoramic Power- no cables =  no downtime! Self-powered, for non-invasive installations)
Panoramic Power Wireless CT Solutions from PJW
  • CT Chambers- Standard, LV COP5 and HV COP5 (for UKPN, and DNOs)
COP5 CT Chamber from PJW

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