SW10 STEEL / SW10 6MM STEEL Sealing Ferrules & Wire

SW10 6MM Steel Meter Seals

SW10-6MM-STEEL (Manufacturer Code)

SW10 6MM STEEL Sealing Ferrules & Wire
Applications. For use as a security seal on electric, gas, water and fuel meters. Suitable for MOCOPA applications.

Size Guide
6mm sealing ferrules (see below)
15cm galvanised 7-line sealing wire, 0.93mm

Material: Annealed copper, tin-plated / Sealing Wire: Zinc-coated (galvanised) 7-strand steel wire (compliant to EN 10264-2)

Customisation Options 6mm or 12mm size options Our SEALING-PLIERS-PS Premium Ratchet Ferrule Sealing Pliers can be embossed with up to 3-characters per side (MOCOPA Accreditation required).

Standard Pliers (SEALING-PLIERS-S) and Ratchet Pliers (SEALING-PLIERS-RS) also available.

Our sealing ferrules & galvanised sealing wires are used in conjunction with pliers to secure meters & other small installations within electricity, gas and utility sectors, including requirements under the MOCOPA framework.

Ferrules are manufactured in annealed copper (tin-plated), and available in 6mm/12mm lengths. Sealing wire is produced from 0.93mm galvanised 7-strand steel, in pre-cut 15cm lengths asstandard.

Both items are usually packaged together as standard in re-sealable bags of 10pcs for ease of dispensing and use by field technicians.Packs of 10, 25, 50 and 100 are available.