Pre-wired Meters and Installations

At PJW Meters we design pre-wired metering systems, suitable for the unique requirements for each of our clients.

Our custom made pre-wired systems can be installed in a wide variety of ways. According to the unique requirements of your business, these are some of the options we support.

Prewired meter enclosures are pre-assembled with the metering equipment you need, along with customised options; timers, communication modules and so on. Customers know exactly what they are getting as their meters are put together specifically for them.

At PJW Meters, our seasoned, experienced workshop manager Andy Noble handles the job of pre-wiring meter systems. With this expertise, we can guarantee skilled workmanship, quality and safety for you.

Your newly pre-wired and pre-assembled metering units arrive at your installation site ready to go. This reduces the need for on-site assembly and wiring, saving time and money on electrician fees.

Metering Panels

PJW supplies customised metering panels to house your pre-wired meters. The design and materials are made according to your preferences. Convenience and ease of installation are the outcomes, and quality and safety are guaranteed.

Multi-Way Hookup Systems

These may be 2, 3, or 4-way hookups for caravan parks, marinas, and campgrounds, where 2 or more meters may be attached to each bollard. This is in favour of one bollard and meter for each boat/vehicle, saving you space and money.

Each unit has its own separate meter, making it easy to log the amount of electricity consumed by each boat/caravan. We fit and supply the bollards and install the most suitable, reliable ‘pay as you go’ meters. The meters are weather and tamper-proof, making it easy to track and measure the power used accurately. The client/end user is able to pay easily and securely.

Pedestal and Bollard installations