Power Factor Correction

PJW’s range of standard and detuned PFC:

  • Bespoke systems designed to meet specific site requirements
  • Steel enclosures- corrosion prevention
  • RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet comms options
  • High-accuracy TRMS measurements
  • Single/Three Phase Line connection + co-gen systems- 4 quadrant operation + dedicated set point COSHPI
  • Wide measurement range (V, THD, Harmonics)
  • 50-720VAC Range
  • Alarm
  • Capacitor Protection
  • PC/Panel Programming
  • 2 level Password protection

A message from our PFC solutions partner:

“PFC is suitable for sites where the non-linear loads account for <10% of the sites total load, and/or any harmonic voltage in the mains is <2%, and/or any harmonic current in the mains is <8%.

Typical non linear loads include frequency converters, rectifiers, inverters, choppers, thyristor controls, three-phase controllers, electronic valves, phase controls and UPS units.

Using this type of PFC on an electrical system where these values are exceeded may cause premature failure of the PFC capacitors.”

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