ELKO’s Voltage Monitoring Relay, HRN-54/54N

The HRN-54, HRN-54N Voltage Monitoring Relay works to monitor and protect electrical systems and switchboards from voltage-related issues such as over-voltage, undervoltage, voltage imbalance, and phase failure or loss.

The relay is connected to the electrical system being monitored and uses a voltage sensor to measure voltage levels. The measured voltage signal is then fed into a measuring circuit, which will process and analyse the voltage values.  

The HRN-54 and HRN-54N units allow the user to set specific threshold values for different volage parameters. These will define the acceptable voltage range for the system; for example you can set an overvoltage threshold of 110%, or an undervoltage threshold of 90%.

The measured voltage preset values in the HRN-54 and HRN-54N are continually compared with the preset threshold values in the measuring circuit. In the event that the supply voltage falls below 60% Un (U OFF lower level) the relay opens immediately, and without delay.

HRN-54: Supply from all phases, this means that the relay is functional even in the case of one phase being faulty.

HRN-54N: Supply L1, L2, L3-N, this means that the relay also monitors in case of failure of the neutral wire.

Some of the businesses and industries that rely on Voltage monitoring relays include;

Landlords, and all businesses which use heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVACs) . Our voltage monitoring relays ensure that the HVAC equipment operates within a specified voltage range. If this range deviates from the desired levels, the output relay immediately opens and a red LED flashes, acting to prevent potential damage to systems and equipment

Data Centers also rely on Voltage monitoring. This is because they  host critical IT infrastructure, including servers, storage systems, and networking equipment. These devices are sensitive to voltage fluctuations and require a stable power supply for optimal performance. Voltage monitoring relays help safeguard data centers by detecting voltage variations, allowing operators to take corrective measures before they impact the equipment. This proactive approach helps prevent data loss, system crashes, and downtime.

Health Care facilities which utilise various types of medical equipment, such as diagnostic devices, imaging systems, and life support equipment, crucially rely on a stable and precise power supply. Voltage monitoring relays ensure that the voltage levels remain within the acceptable range to avoid malfunctions or inaccurate readings. They play a crucial role in maintaining the safety and reliability of medical equipment, protecting both patients and healthcare professionals.

Industrial Processes: In industrial settings, voltage monitoring relays are essential for protecting critical equipment, such as control systems, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers), and industrial machinery. Voltage fluctuations can disrupt automated processes, cause errors, or damage sensitive components. By continuously monitoring the voltage levels, the relay can trigger alarms, shutdown sequences, or equipment isolation to prevent potential hazards or production interruptions.

Elko’s HRN-54 /54N Voltage monitoring relay plays a crucial role in protecting the electrical equipment at your business or facility. It protects all your devices and systems from damage due to voltage anomalies, fluctuations and surges which may cause overheating, mechanical stress, or system failure. By monitoring voltage levels, the relay can trigger protective actions, to prevent costly repairs or equipment downtime.

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