SDM630-MODBUS V2 (Manufacturer Code)

Three-Phase Power Monitor
The SDM630 Digital Power Monitor works directly
connected to a maximum load 100A AC circuit
eradicating the need for current transformers.

This meter has been MID B&D Certified by SGS UK, proving its accuracy and quality. This certification allows this model to be used for any sub-billing application.

The multifunction SDM630 measures and displays the Total Active Energy of a three-phase circuit, as well as V, A, Harmonics, Active, Reactive, Import and Export Energy, and more. The unit has a built-in pulsed and Modbus output as well for solar, BMS integration and remote monitoring.

  • MID B&D Approved
  • Single and Three Phase
  • Import and Export kWh
  • Straight-Through Connection
  • 4 Module Dinrail Mounted (35mm)
  • Pulse and Modbus