Energy Metering Solutions for Parkers Farm in Ashburton

Last Thursday we had the pleasure of meeting local legend Paul Parkers and his delightful daughter Holly. They invited us into Parks Farm, a homestead with moorland views, which had once been a holiday park. Parkers Farm is now a breathtakingly scenic estate of homes for permanent residents.

Having provided and installed 50 plus utility meters for Parkers Farm, we wanted to know how they were getting on with these, and what sort of a difference these may have made for the residents living there.

Paul said that they had been using a manual paper card system in the past, and that residents and guests would come to their office/home when they needed to top up their gas and electric. This meant that cash needed to be kept in the house, and although they did request that people come to top up during office sort of hours, this was not always the case. On top of this, people being as they are, often took the opportunity to stop and have a good old chat. While this was mostly ok, sometimes it was not convenient.

The new EML-TU smart meters which we installed for Parkers Farm, allowed residents and tenants to top up their own meters. They downloaded the app, and paid with a credit card. It allows users to pay when they want, from wherever they are, to accurately monitor their energy use, and even change their their provider or tariffs as required.

Noting the the difference it made, Paul said ‘It transformed our system completely, it literally gave me my life back’. No more large amounts of cash in the house, and no more guests knocking on the door at all hours, it is a win for everyone involved.

Parkers Farm no longer operates as a holiday park, however they still have several caravans available for sale.

If you want to buy a caravan, contact Parkers Farm. If you want meters for your commercial or residential premises, contact us.

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