EML-TU Dual Fuel Smart Prepayment Meter

EML-TU Dual Fuel Smart Prepayment Meter

EMA1.Z-TOPUP (Manufacturer Code)

Features Included

  • Tokenless prepayment with remote top ups
  • Online top ups from anywhere in the world
  • Optional Emergency credit feature
  • Manual top up supported for emergency situations
  • All operational charges are recovered from the tenant
  • GPRS Communications with Network roaming SIM
  • Tariff pricing, Time-of–Use and Block Tariffs
  • In home display option (IHD)
  • Measurement Instrument Directive (MiD) approved
  • Supports dual fuel applications with optional Gas sender


EML-TU is a new and exciting way for landlords to charge for energy usage within their rental properties. Using the time tested Em-Lite smart meter technology, the EML-TU is the most modern and up to date prepayment solution available.

EML-TU offers the latest technology and service for managing energy for your tenants. As with traditional prepayment metering the tenant or consumer will need to prepay for the energy they use, but unlike previous prepayment systems no cash or tokens are required.

They simply need to purchase energy from the secure payment website and credit is instantly transferred to their meter via the GSM network.Many benefits are available to the landlords or site owner in using this system and once the meters are installed there is no other management required.

Simply give each tenant the website address and follow the instructions. We will transfer their payments periodically to your nominated bank account. It really is that simple—no issuing of tokens, no cash to be collected and no additional costs. Just an easy monthly payment that can be recovered from the standing charges to your tenant.