What is the cost of adding Solar Power Energy to your property in the UK, and how much will you save ?

cost of adding Solar Power Energy

On first consideration, rooftop solar panels and UK weather may not seem like a natural pairing. The British Isles are not known for great amounts of sun.  In the present climate of rapidly rising energy costs which show no signs of slowing, it makes good sense to look into future proofing your home or your property investments, with alternate solutions. This is true even here in the UK, where solar panels will still generate power even on days with little sun. In this article we will look into the benefits and the cost of adding Solar Power Energy to your home or business premises.

Solar energy, is it worth it ?

In an April 2023 article, Martin Lewis estimated that solar panels will cost an average of £5,500. So is it worth it ?

Solar panels have come down in price in recent years, up to 80% in the last decade. They are now also easier to install, and are built to work effectively, even in British weather. The number of installations in the UK increases year after year, and the UK is now one of the top 12 countries using  solar capacity.

The cost of adding Solar Power Energy and the benefits to you

The ultimate benefits to you, is that solar power is much cheaper than grid electricity.  Comparing the prices of your electricity per kilowatt hour, you can expect to save  up to £465 less for an average household.  Your electricity costs are also fixed at a lower rate, which provides a hedge against rising prices.

You may think about this as paying for 20 years of electricity at once, with a deep deep discount. You do need to pay cash up front, but your investment will more than pay for itself in the long run.

There is also  the option of receiving payments for any excess energy you generate, and this will vary depending on the provider that you use.

Installation costs, although better than they used to be, are still fairly high, but there is help. Some of the Solar panel incentives in the UK at the time of this writing (2023) include;

The EC04 Energy Company Obligation Scheme which includes a £4 Billion budget allocated for the years 2022 – 2026, a Smart Export Guarantee, and a reduction in VAT deductions, at least until 2027. These are worth looking into, if you are considering making the switch.

Installing Solar panels using the latest technology, and best quality materials, will also increase the value of your property. In a recent article, Solar Energy Uk published a report which stated that a typical home with solar panels could increase its value by at least £2,000.

Solar power is a great long term investment, certainly in the long run.  The benefits are clear, switching and utilising available grants and incentives will reflect in the reduction in your energy bills.  In the UK, you will save up to £60,000 over the lifetime of your panels, which is around 25 years.

From a green perspective, using solar power can reduce the amount of other energy used, such as gas.  The use of Solar power will reduce issues with air pollution, which is better for the planet and helps with issues related to climate change.

Solar Panel planning and installation

At PJW Meters we have decades of experience in energy management. We provide you, our customers with a single point of contact of Solar power system design and Installation.

We are also dedicated to looking after our planet as much as we can, and accordingly, we supply full spectrum solutions to your solar power needs.

As distribution partners to some of the market’s best solar technologies, systems and installation components , we have access to a wide range of products and brands for your solar power and renewables requirements.

These include

  • Solar Panels
  • ESS (Energy Storage Systems)/Battery Storage
  • Solar Panel/PV Panel Mounting Systems
  • Inverters
  • Immersion Controllers
  • Heat Pumps
  • Meters

Get in touch with one of our friendly and knowledgeable installment professionals, and let us  manage your project from start to finish