Voltage Optimisation PEMH63

EMH63 (Manufacturers Code)


How you can save money with Voltage Optimisation PEMH63 technology.

The amount of current in a circuit depends on the voltage supplied. In the UK, the declared low voltage electricity supply as per the ‘Electrical Safety, Quality and Continuity Regulations 2002’ is 230V+/- 10%.

This is (230Volts give or take 10%). Theoretically, the range of voltage coming into your home is 216V – 253V.  This allows the use of older electrical equipment which had been designed for higher voltages pre-2002. It also allows the efficient use of equipment and electronics built more recently.

Fluctuations and consistent overvoltage in the supply from the National Grid, when used with newer equipment can waste unnecessary energy. The result is higher energy bills and possibly the reduction of the lifespan of your electrical equipment.

The function of the Voltage Optimisation PEMH63 unit is to selectively adjust and regulate the power supply coming from the grid.  

It works to systematically regulate and reduce the amounts of voltage received by the energy consumer, and better match the power voltage that they actually require.  

In essence Voltage Optimisation is a transformer based technology which delivers electricity into your home or premises at reduced voltage from the main power supply.

It does this by using sensor technology to provide greater visibility of the voltage coming in, and acts to control the voltage to match the specific electricity needs required.  

This optimisation system also improves the quality of the current, by balancing out any phase voltages, and filtering power flow harmonics and any transients from the supply coming into your home.

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