Another facet of our Energy Management arsenal for commercial and industrial sectors, PJW’s range of market-leading drives from the likes of Siemens and ABB, will help your business save energy, reduce maintenance costs, and help meet your environmental targets:

Low Voltage AC

  • General purpose
  • Micro
  • Machinery
  • Industrial
  • Industry-specific ( including HVAC, Lifts, Heavy Machinery, Water, and Wastewater)
  • Servo
  • Legacy drives

Medium voltage AC

  • ACS1000 (315kW-5MW, 2.3-4.16kV)
  • ACS2000 (250-3680kW, 4.0-6.9kV)
  • ACS5000 (2-36MW, 6.0-13.8kV)
  • ACS580MV (200-6300kW, 3.3-11kV)
  • ACS6000 (3-36MW, up to 3.3kV)
  • MEGADRIVE-LCI (2-150MW, 2.1- 2 x 25kV)
  • ACS6080 (3-36MW, up to 3.3kV)


  • DCS550- simple integration, new machines/retrofit
  • DCS880-S- certified STO (Safe Torque Off) safety functionality, IoT compatibility
  • DCS800-S- day-to-day reliability
  • DCS800-A- cabinet-built, customizable industrial DC drive
  • DCT880- thyristor power controllers for resistive, inductive and infrared heaters

We also have access to training, installation and commissioning, drive maintenance and upgrade services, software tools, and connectivity solutions to complement this offering.

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