Unveiling the Power and Potential of SwitchWizard Timer Unit for Enhanced Energy Efficiency

In the mysterious ever changing realm of energy prices and consumption, the transformative powers of our SwitchWizard Timer Unit cannot be overstated. These game changing devices are the key to unlocking the full benefits of electricity tariffs like Economy 7, by allowing consumers to optimize their energy usage according to specific time periods, the sliver of time when most everyone sleeps, and towering electricity prices take a short downward dip.

PJW introduces the SwitchWizard (TS100), the switch and timer unit that allows you to best utilise cheaper overnight rates of electricity. This means that you can charge battery or electrical equipment and other installations in the depth of night. The transformation this will have, both in convenience, and most especially on your pocketbook is truly worth exploring. This is especially true if you have high energy costs already, for example, you heat a hot tub or swimming pool, or you have a business or livelihood which uses a lot of equipment which needs charging up. Having said this, if you charge anything at all, the SwitchWizard will save you money.

SwitchWizard: How it works

SwitchWizard introduces a dynamic dimension to the conventional approach of energy usage. Instead of a fixed flat rate, this prewired, ready to use unit is designed to help you divide the day into distinct segments, according to its unique electricity pricing. These segments would encompass peak hours and off-peak hours.

At the core of SwitchWizard lies a fusion of clock and communication technology; it is equipped with a real-time clock which enables it to utilise energy during off peak time frames, when electricity is generally much cheaper. You set it up to start charging at the time of night chosen by you, and enjoy the immediate benefits, all at your fingertips !

How can the SwitchWizard help a Business save money?

Well, take the story of a recent customer. This was a customer running a busy farming business. He was utilising 4 forklift trucks, and these were battery operated. He was charging them up at the end of each working day, ready for the next morning.

Having set up an Economy 7 Tariff with his supplier, his intention was to use the cheaper electricity available on his tariff, which was 12 to 7am. He was however not so pleased with running to the equipment shed in his nightshirt and socks every night at the stroke of midnight. This is when he called us.

We set him up with the SwitchWizard, and seeing the savings and wisdom of this plan he bought four of them.

He had been paying around £53 per night per forklift truck (so roughly £212 in total) and this was every working day of every month! With the SwitchWizard, he was able to take advantage of lower nightly costs. His new electricity costs for charging were now £18 per night per truck, saving around £35 per night, and with immediate effect! You can do the maths if you want to know the annual savings on something like this.

The core objective of SwitchWizard is to enable our consumers to make well-informed decisions regarding energy usage and costs. By allocating energy-intensive tasks to off-peak hours, individuals can significantly curtail their monthly utility bills.

Commercially, the option to automatically set timers to use electricity at cheaper rates will benefit many commercial industries. Our business customers have bought these for charging Farm and Construction machinery, Industrial equipment, Hotels, Holiday Parks, and Marina industries, Golf and other Sports Facilities, Hospitals, Schools and many others.

Saving money in your home

The domestic (as well as care-home industry) customer will benefit equally, and immediately. SwitchWizard proves highly valuable and beneficial for planning tasks that demand substantial energy, such as running dishwashers, washing machines, driers, hot tubs and charging electric vehicles, during off-peak intervals.

Households equipped with electric heating or cooling systems can leverage the SwitchWizard to program these systems for heightened activity during off-peak hours. This practice can translate into substantial long-term financial savings.

Electric water heaters can be timed to function during off-peak hours, enabling users to access heated water throughout the day without incurring peak-hour charges for heating.

SwitchWizard can be employed to schedule the charging of devices and batteries during off-peak windows, effectively reducing the costs associated with powering various gadgets.

In conclusion, SwitchWizard introduces a dynamic dimension to electricity consumption, aligning energy usage with varying rates throughout the day. By orchestrating energy-intensive activities during off-peak hours, individuals and businesses can harness lower electricity rates to their advantage, fostering an economically sound and ecologically conscious energy consumption model. Familiarity with the advantages of SwitchWizard, coupled with strategic usage approaches, can yield considerable financial savings and pave the way for a more energy-efficient lifestyle.