Lightning & Surge Protection

PJW’s Surge Protection Supply Chain partner GWE  states:

“A spike in power for anything over three nanoseconds (billionths of a second) is classified as a surge. This prolonged over-powering can damage, degrade, or destroy electrical equipment. Equipment which is costly to replace and repair.”

For this reason, PJW provide a full range of Lighting and Surge Protection Devices:

  • 15KA SP Lightning & Surge
  • 15KA TP Lightning & Surge
  • 25KA SP Lightning & Surge
  • 25KA TP Lightning & Surge
  • 15KA SP Surge
  • 40KA SP Surge
  • 3KA T3 SP Surge
  • 15KA TP Surge
  • 40KA TP Surge
  • 3KA T3 TP Surge

Protect your home or business with Surge Protection, simply installed by an electrical contractor to save the potentially devastating effects of an electrical surge and:

-Avoid installation damage

-Prolong the lifespan of your transformer and any sensitive site equipment

-Reduce system disturbances

-Save on maintenance and equipment replacement costs

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