IM3D-120A Polyphase Meter

MT174-D2 (Manufacturer Code)

  • Fast and easy installation procedure, indications of correct connection
  • Compact meter case with IP54 protection
  • Multi-phasing connection (all-in-one: poly- and single-phase meter)
  • Universal current terminal for all types of conductors
  • Indications of meter operation status
  • Antifraud features
  • Very high EMC immunity level
  • Optical port and optionally RS485 interface
  • Internal real time clock
  • Powerful load profile recorder with up to 8 channels

The IM3D-120A is a polyphase multifunction meter used for measurement of active, active and reactive or active, reactive and apparent energy and demand in three-phase four- or three-wire networks.

It can be connected directly or via CT. The meter can also be used in single phase two wire networks.

The meters comply with both European (EN 50470-1 and EN 50470-3) and international (IEC 62052-11 and IEC 62053-21) standards, and are designed and manufactured in compliance with the ISO 9001 standard.

The kvarh-meter complies with the IEC 62052-23 standard.