With all the talk about the energy saving benefits of Voltage Optimisers, many homeowners and businesses are deciding that this is a good choice for them. So how does a Voltage Optimiser Work?

Typically, electricity sourced from the National Grid arrives at a higher voltage level than is actually needed for most appliances and most premises. In the UK, the recognized standard supply voltage is 230V; however, the voltage delivered by the National Grid exhibits variations and hovers around an average of 242V.

The majority of appliances are designed to function at 220V. Consequently, these appliances are being provided with an excess of electricity beyond their operational requirements. This extra electricity leads to waste of both energy and financial resources, while also causing additional wear and tear on your appliances.

Lowering Voltage with a Voltage Optimiser

By integrating a voltage optimiser, you can effectively lower the voltage supplied to your residence or business.

These devices are introduced in the electricity supply path, situated between the distribution transformer and the primary low-voltage distribution board. As electricity traverses the Voltage Optimiser, the supply voltage is adjusted to the necessary level. Any surplus voltage that exceeds the requirement is promptly redirected back to the grid, bypassing on-site consumption. This straightforward rejection and redirection process ensures that your electrical equipment benefits from an optimized power provision.

The Voltage Optimiser is equipped with a dedicated electronic control unit (ECU) that intelligently and continuously monitors various parameters. These include the incoming and outgoing supply voltage, load, current, temperature, and even its own performance. This ensures that the unit consistently delivers optimal performance to the premises. Depending on specific conditions determined by its algorithm, the voltage optimiser will activate or deactivate within the circuit.

The system also features an internal energy-saving mode, which means that it’s normal for the unit to be in bypass mode (indicated by a single green flashing light) at certain times. Utilizing advanced sine wave sampling (SWS) and active sine wave mapping (ASWM) technology, the unit can oversee and manage three critical functions related to performance and safety.

The Threshold Functions

The first function, the Low Voltage Threshold (LVT), prevents the optimized voltage from dropping below a specified minimum level. When the voltage stabilizes, the unit switches back to its energy-saving mode. The second function, the High Current Threshold (HCT), safeguards against excessive current. If overcurrent is detected, the unit temporarily remains in bypass mode until the situation normalizes. The third function, the Optimum Switching Threshold (OST), uses continuous sine wave mapping to ensure that switching occurs at the most appropriate point. This eliminates disruptions to the supply voltage and prevents spikes and transients.

Adjusting and Lowering Incoming Supply

The Voltage Optimiser effectively lowers the incoming supply voltage by a fixed amount. Its purposes include reducing energy wastage and carbon emissions by minimizing power consumption of appliances. It aligns with government-mandated carbon reduction targets and results in immediate cost savings for customers. Additionally, the device significantly extends the lifespan of appliances, lighting, and safeguards delicate electrical equipment from potential damage.

Please Note – Installation should only be done by a qualified Electrician. Electricians should ensure that they are thoroughly acquainted with the user manual and the Voltage Optimiser before installation and operation. Special attention should be paid to the WARNINGS AND CAUTIONS section.

Prior to any adjustments involving main fuse seals during installation, it’s advisable to contact the electricity supplier. If necessary, the supplier can install an isolator switch.

For domestic and commercial use, the Voltage Optimiser offers a range of benefits and features that contribute to efficient energy usage and appliance protection.

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