EMLITE IHD (Manufacturer Code)

The Emlite IHD (In House Display Unit) is a stand-alone device that connects to the Emlite EMA1 through WIFI. 

The IHD acts as a proxy to the EMA1 relaying information from the meter to the unit adding convenience to your life. 

The IHD can be plugged into any standard 13 amp socket in the home and can be moved from room to room as the customer desires. It receives its data from the meter via radio which is updated every few seconds to display the current meter data. The IHD is paired with a customers specific meter so there is no risk of bad data if several are close together.

How It Works

The landlord maintains their relationship with the energy supplier. Costs for electricity and gas get recovered from tenants as they top up online. This money is paid out monthly or weekly for paying the supplier’s energy bill and recovering incidental running costs.

This is all achieved without having to engage with tenants or visit meters. There’s no need to arrange access to the property to empty coins or check meters. Instead manage meters from the web portal to keep track of energy usage and top-ups.

With the latest generation of smart metering technology credit gets sent to the meter over the mobile phone network. Consumers have all the convenience and transparency of prepayment. But without the drawbacks of regular bills and direct debits.