DR1CT-MF-MID DIN Rail Power Meter

  •  DR1CT-MF Pulse (Pulsed Output)
  • DR1CT-MF Modbus (Pulsed & Modbus RTU Output)
  • DR1CT-MF MBus (Pulsed & Mbus Output)
  • MID B & D Approved
  • 5A CT Operated
  • 1 Module Dinrail Mounted 35mm (17.5mm Wide)

The DR1CT-MF Digital Power Meter works in conjunction with a 5A Current Transformer. Unlike other alternatives, this meter is housed in a 1 Module DIN rail case, meaning it takes up very little space.

There are also 2 models available depending on the output required, this ranges from a Modbus RTU (DR1CT-MF-Modbus), and MBus (DR1CT-MF-MBus).

The DR1CT-MF measures Voltage, Current, Frequency, Power Factor, Max Demand Power, Active Power, Reactive Power, Apparent Power, Total Active Energy, Import Active Energy and Export Active Energy.