Electric Vehicle Charging (EV)

PJW offer a complete solution for your EV Charging requirements.

Our niche is allowing our clients to decide exactly what they want to achieve, and then we make it happen.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Public
  • Fleet
  • OEM Solutions- Multiple Points, Hook-up + EV Charging Combo, flexibility in materials, design, branding, colours, etc.
  • EV Charging + Advertising LCD Display
  • AC and DC
  • Standard and Rapid
  • Payment and Billing Management Solutions
  • PME (Protective Multiple Earth) Devices
  • EV Distribution Management Panels and Feeder Pillars
  • Caravan Park, Holiday Park, Marina EV Charging Solutions
  • Temporary EV Charging Point Installations for a short-term holiday rental (e.g., Airbnb) or construction sites where equipment needs to be moved from location to location.
  • Installation services
  • Service and Maintenance packages
  • Purchase, Lease and Finance options are available.

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